Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Prior to today, I hadn't been able to exercise for a week. Truth be told, it was driving me crazy! I really missed it and vowed that today I would exercise, even if my back hurt (which it did/does). I have to say, it felt pretty good! First of all, I walked 2 miles to/from the pizza place. Not a huge bit of exercise, but still good. We also did quite a bit of walking around the airport.

Tonight at the fitness center of the hotel, I walked on the (faux) elliptical for 20 minutes. I would have done longer but I did not have a magazine or headphones and I got bored. 20 minutes was all I could do without some kind of stimulation. I have to say, when I was moving and getting my sweat on I felt pretty good. We will see how I feel in the morning. After I got off the machine I could tell my alignment was different (not sure if it was better or worse), but I still "click" everytime I walk (I don't know if that is something popping into and out of place or what but it feels weird and sounds kind of terrible. Not sure if it is perceptible to anyone else but me or not). I will try to workout first thing tomorrow and get my sweat on -- this time I will bring a magazine though so I can hopefully make it the entire hour! Gotta keep my heart in good shape and, hopefully, bring that blood pressure down! I really want to get off my medicine.

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