Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yesterday I went out to eat and didn't stick to the plan 100%; today too. Part of the reason is because I was anticipating a big loss this week. TOO big a loss, in fact. I am to the point where my weight loss should be 1-2 lbs/week and, as of yesterday, it was going to be 5 lbs. Today it ended up being only 4 lbs from last Tuesday, but that is still faster than the recommended rate. I have been eating all of my WW points, so I am really not sure what to attribute this to other than a faster metabolism, lots of exercise and, perhaps, a fluke. Not to worry -- I am in no danger whatsoever of becoming an anorexic!!

I had a victory today at the restaurant. I ordered a portion that was way too big for me (this is not the part that is the victory...). In part, it was about value (along the lines of "you get double the amount for just $1 more!!"), in part a reaction to losing too much weight and feeling I needed to compensate and, honestly, I was just really hungry. I ordered it and could not eat it all (which in and of itself was surprising). I took a couple bites more, willing myself to finish it but then realized "WTH?!? This is stupid. Take it home and eat it tomorrow!" For me this represents a victory for several reasons. First, it means my stomach and/or appetite is getting smaller which is great. Second, it means I'm learning to listen to my body when it is telling me it is full. Before the start of Journey 2.0 I had essentially forgotten what it was like to listen to my body's hunger and "all done" signals to me. Also, saving the food for tomorrow is a step toward getting over fatalistic thinking. The food I was eating was not the healthiest, and so usually I'd be inclined to get it over with so as not to "taint" another day. However, the calories are still calories and spreading them around (i.e., eating 1000 today and 500 tomorrow vs 1500 today) doesn't matter probably -- in fact it probably helps! I consider it another small step in having a healthy relationship with food....and, as you know, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I have gone more than one step, but as you can surmise I am nowhere near the home stretch -- I've got a ways to go on this 1000+ mile journey.

I am coming down with a cold and I have been for a couple days. I am taking Airborne and trying to get extra rest. I REALLY don't want to get sick, especially this early in the semester. I took it relatively easy today at the gym, doing only the aqua abs and water aerobics classes. I am even contemplating bailing on the trainer in the morning. We will see what happens. And that is the news in Arkansas from Sarah today.

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