Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Surfin' USA

This weekend some friends who live near San Francisco are getting married on the beach (Stinson Beach, to be exact). I am really excited to see them and to be at their wedding but I also really excited about spending the weekend on the beach in California. This is monumental for so many reasons.

First of all, a bit about the area. I understand that there are hiking trails there, that the weather is supposed to be gorgeous, and that there are many surfing towns in the area. I am excited about all three of these and that really represents how much progress at this whole activity and lifestyle change thing. Before when I lived a more sedentary lifestyle, I would have dreaded getting in an airplane (and wondering whether I would have to use a dreaded belt extender) in the first place. Also, I would have anticipated that everyone else would want to go hiking while I would either get super-winded while they hiked slowly (accommodating me) or I would have found an excuse to bail altogether. Basically, my poor decisions about lifestyle choices would have led me to a less active, less rewarding life and would have helped to isolate me from my friends (many of whom I haven't seen in 3ish years). No longer.

Instead of sitting on the sidelines, I am signing up for surf lessons. I also can't wait to go hiking on the beach. I will get in the Pacific Ocean for the first time (I have seen it but never been in). I am so stoked for all of it.

I am sure I will probably not be great at surfing. For one thing, I am not that athletic. I am strong and powerful, but not really agile or graceful. I have been working on my balance a lot, but still can't master that freaking Bosu ball -- I am sure that a surfboard in the ocean will be tougher than a Bosu ball on dry land. However, I DON'T CARE and am going for broke with these surf lessons. Even had I been in shape before, I would not really have been willing to get in a spandex wetsuit (OMG). It's not that I'm excited about the spandex now or anything, but I will not let that stop me from trying this new thing. Surfing, here I come. Who knows, maybe I will love this as much as I love kayaking (a whole lot). Let's hope I like it more than yoga (which I DESPISE).

Either way, my weight and inactivity is not stopping me from trying new things anymore, and I am so stoked about that.

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