Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to the Grind and to WW - update

Now that I am back into my WW groove, I thought I would give you an update. First, let me start with the end: the results. I am already down this week. I know it’s not encouraged (in fact it is discouraged) by WW to weigh yourself on days other than weigh-in days. I do it anyway though. I have to say that my starting the plan again is getting me good results and I am grateful.

Sticking to the plan has been non-trivial. In particular, I am now allotted 31 points daily to eat but have actually eaten 48 and 46 the last two days respectively. I make up a lot of these points by exercising and earning activity points. I am still seeing results and staying within my overall points limits (considering weekly points as well as activity points), so I am not beating myself up over it. In the future though, I hope to stick more closely to my daily points limit.

This underscores to me that I do need some sort of a structure or plan. Left to my own devices, I probably would not be great at estimating how much food I need or where I should place limits on how much to eat. I will master this somehow, whether it is lifelong adherence to WW or whether it is figuring out some healthy balance for myself in time. The last couple weeks I have gained four pounds, which underscores the difficulty I would have doing this completely on my own. I have embraced the idea that this weight loss thing is a marathon/lifestyle choice, though, not a sprint/quick fix diet solution. I will rebound from the "bad" last few weeks.

I should point out that at one point, my goal was to lose 50 lbs by the first day of fall (September 21). That totally didn’t happen, and actually I am ok with it. I will get there when I get there. When I get there, I want to be there to stay.

I do have a victory to share. I am no longer morbidly obese! I am now just obese…not the greatest victory and a somewhat arbitrary one, but I will take it. This girl loves encouragement to keep going!

This weekend here is Bikes, Blues, and BBQ. You can imagine that the food here is amazingly delicious, but much (most?) of it is incredibly unhealthy (e.g., funnel cake). I am staying away from the food aspect of BB&BBQ. I can consider that a victory as well. That totally would not have been the case in the past.


  1. while you're in the middle of losing weight, finding the right balance of food versus activity is very very tricky. You do need to eat more if you are doing more, but you don't want to replace all the calories. It's really tricky. Once you reach something you end up calling a target weight (it's been about 55 pounds for me), it gets a bit easier. My diet would still be considered utter shit, but, as far as caloric balance goes, I've managed to keep it under control. I still fluctuate a bit, and then I adjust stuff accordingly, but I bounce around between about 208 and 215, typically am around 210. I was a bit lower than that for a while, but even after a cross Houston commute for 5 months, I held 210 relatively stably.

    It's tough, and you are in the toughest part of it right now. But, if you stay on your plan and stay disciplined through the 10% mark, you can keep rolling fairly well.

  2. Thanks Tim. I made it through the 10% mark awhile ago but have made slow progress ever since. Congrats on holding your goal weight so long. That is great!


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