Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back to the Grind and to WW

Now that I will be in town again, I am going to have to get back on to WW. Being able to cook for myself and get into my routine will be great. For example, I did not exercise today or yesterday. I might work out tonight, but I kind of doubt it given that I won’t get home until 9:30, couldn’t get to the gym until 10, and then have an appointment at the gym at 7 AM. I would not really think of not exercising at home! I also ate moderately healthy at best, but more realistically not that great over the last couple days. I did seek out some fruits and veggies, and have had some Fiber One bars. However, this morning I had a big chunk of Gouda cheese, a bagel and cream cheese, a chicken salad sandwich and tomato soup for lunch, and cashews. I bet I’ve had a total of 5 grams of fiber today (RDA is about 35 g) and am out of Fiber One bars.

I’m realizing what a huge role fiber plays in how full or hungry I feel. Also it keeps things moving through your system, contains undigested calories, and can absorb fat and cholesterol and get them out of your system. I really plan to start making a more concerted effort to get fiber, though I probably get more than the average person because of all the fruits and veggies I eat. Read the F-Factor Diet for more info about fiber. You don’t have to look at as a diet (though you can and I really bet it would be effective) l there are concepts you can use immediately in your own eating even if you don’t commit fully to their “diet”. I plan to do this in conjunction with WW (though, to be fair, WW naturally incentivizes high fiber diets).

Anyway I am going to get back to work on losing weight this week. I am afraid to step on the scale tomorrow (it won’t be pretty), but I will do it. It is important to track things. Back on WW. Time to take control of my decisions again and not give myself a cheap out anymore (“Oh, but I’m on vacation – this will be fine to eat…”).

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