Sunday, September 12, 2010

Help Please

I want to do better about packing my lunch this week. I would appreciate your help in suggesting meals and recipes that are healthy and either freeze well or would keep for an entire week in the fridge and be easy to pack. Thank you.


  1. I have always struggled with this too. Perhaps make up a big salad which might last 3 days.

  2. Homemade soups: my favorite is lentil because it fills me up and I like the taste, and a piece of bread.

    Homemade sandwiches (turkey or hummus mostly and a lot of veggies inside on rye bread) with apples or baby carrots on the side.

    Anything had for dinner the night before

  3. Thank you Dima. I need to make a bunch of soups but I have been unwilling to in this heat. I am sure yours makes ours look pleasant though!

    This week I made shrimp salad (I didn't like it much, but it is not bad enough that I can't finish) and this chickpea couscous salad that turned out amazing. It is filling and it tastes great, but it is pretty high in points/calories -- but it is healthy so I think it is ok.

  4. when I was working I made 4 bowls of salad on Sunday night- Always had to include beans and or turkey or chicken to help fill me up. added toppings in small baggies & light dressing in small containers I had. Or took the bottle of dressing with me.

    For Sean we make a lot of pasta & bean salads w/ lots of diced veggies. He eats them all week.

    I also like wraps, tuna (or chicken, or egg) salad w/ crackers. :)

  5. Shrimp salad sounds yummy. I'm not a big fan of green salads, for some reason a salad for lunch doesn't really do anything for the hunger even if it has grilled chicken. The only salad that I like and fills me up is one that has avocados, boiled eggs and chickpeas in addition to the greens and tomatoes, I don't put a dressing on it because it's already creamy from the avocados and the tomatoes.

    For me, lunch has to be the biggest meal because the time between lunch and dinner is too long (in our household), we eat dinner at 7:30pm at the earliest on weekdays, so dinner has no purpose in terms of keeping the hunger away.

    I have a small fridge in my office so that helps in not thinking everyday about what to bring, I just store bread and cheeses and all the other stuff that I may need to make a quick lunch, and fruits for snacking.


  6. I see salad has been mentioned a few times so I won't add that. I like to have a hot meal for lunch so I have to do make ahead. I steam a bunch of veggies, cook up some chicken and brown rice and then portion them out into frozen meals for two weeks....much better than Lean Cuisine and more filling.


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