Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Progress Pictures

I have turned into a terrible blogger, but this is because I have been busy doing real work (i.e., for my job) and out enjoying my life. I wish I had time to do it all, but I am realizing I don't and that certain things are going to fall by the wayside...and that that has to be ok for right now.

Something clicked late last week for me. I wanted to eat healthy. I just don't want to eat most processed junk right now. I want real food. It tastes better, and actually serves as real fuel for my body. I am still not tracking (not a great Weight Watcher), but I am confident that I will begin that again soon.

I wanted to post a couple progress pictures. In preparation, I was looking through some old pictures I've posted on the blog. Although I've come a long way, I still think every time I see these pictures "Man I've got a long way to go!" I am drawn toward looking at my belly, how if I don't stand right I still have two chins, etc. Nonetheless here are some pictures from yesterday.

I felt really skinny yesterday. I think it is the jeans and the fact that the shirt is black. Whatever it is, I'll take it (and a healthy dose of it, please!)

When I look back through the pictures I posted, I have really mixed feelings. Same with the blog entries. For example, I saw that a little over two months ago I weighed 6 lbs more than I do now. Part of me thinks "Geez, what a waste of two months. Only six freaking pounds?! What am I wasting my time on?! Get it together girl, and get that scale moving!!"

The other part of me thinks, "You know, six pounds in two months. That is great! Two years ago, you would have been gaining weight, and probably at that rate. You're fitter than you were 2 months ago, and you're making the real changes you need to to make this a lifestyle change."

So which of these two voices in my head is right? Probably both of them are. I could definitely be doing a better job at this. I could definitely lose the weight faster, and should definitely have fed myself less crap (i.e., food with little to no nutritive value). However, I think any progress in the downward direction is good. I will work to be at peace with myself, and continue to press on toward my bigger goals (riding 1000 miles this summer and working on that gun show).


  1. I went back to look at old ones and you look great! Keep up the great work. I know it's a slow process but keep at it! :) Whoohoo!

  2. Wow, look at the difference! You are doing pretty dang awesome if you ask me!

  3. You do look great!!!! I hope this comes out right but - you look "normal" - you don't look fat! I guess what I see in your pic, is the image I have in my head of myself(which isn't too shabby - till I see a pic and I'm reminded that I don't actually look that way!!!)You look great!

    I think I've had the same realizations lately. I've lost 15 pounds since the start of the year - my friend lost 30. hmmm... and there's definitly a few weeks here and there where I didn't do anything but loose the weight I temporarily gained... BUT, I've never consistantly lost 15 pounds at one time!! and it keeps addign up and I'm not done yet! So I try not to beat myself up too much.

    Keep up the goodwork and don't totally forget about your blog!!!! I check it!

  4. You do look great, and it's not just the outfit (which is fabulous ;-) - it's definitely you!

  5. I know everyone else has said this already but... oh... my... gosh!! You look FANTASTIC. Yea yea yea you don't think so blah blah blah always our own worst critic or whatever it is they say but seriously dude, not "just being nice" or whatever but you look phenomenal!

    I know you don't think so but you seriously look like half the person from old pictures and from what I remember!

    Also, I've said this before but you do have fantastic legs!

    As for the "camera angle" if I have learned anything from Tyra it's that we all have to know our angles, anyone can look like they have a double chin or look unflattering if you get the wrong angles. It's knowing whatcha got and how to work it! If you notice in pictures of myself I often have my chin a bit down and going for the 3/4 angle(yet trying not to lose my neck... don't want to disappoint Tyra) b/c I feel like straight on shots of me make me look quite round and doofy haha! There is no shame in knowing your most flattering angles but regardless of that, you seriously look fantastic!

  6. Thanks for the compliments guys!

    @Lisa - I will do my best to do Tyra proud.


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