Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Salsa Recipe

I have been wanting to post this for awhile. Are there ever times when you want salsa -- the good kind, the kind that your local hole in the wall Mexican place makes -- but you just don't want to have/can't justify a dinner out? I have.

I learned a great recipe awhile back from a Pampered Chef party. It really is a good recipe, and their gadget to cut everything up with does make things easier...but I thought I would share it in case you ever get the hankerin' for good salsa.

You will want to use about half an onion, cilantro, and a can of DelMonte stewed Mexican Recipe tomatoes. Optional ingredients are garlic (fresh is the best) and lime juice (drain the tomatoes if you want to use lime juice). No salt is necessary -- the canned tomatoes have plenty.

Dump them all into a bowl and cut them up (I typically do not drain the juice, but you could to make the salsa thicker and less watery). As I mentioned, the magic PC tool makes the cutting/chopping easy, but other kitchen gadgets will work well too. I prefer the cut to be fine, but not to make a salsa soup like would be made in my food processor.

Here is the finished product. It will save in the fridge for about a week. It's probably better after a day or two so the flavors get a chance to meld, but I usually eat it right away.

I love this stuff, and make and eat it pretty frequently. I like it best on fajitas and in fajita bowls, but it is also great in scrambled eggs (add feta and avocado for an extra treat). Basically, anything you eat salsa in is game. I think this stuff is relatively inexpensive and so much tastier than any canned salsa I've found. I don't eat the canned stuff anymore -- this is so much better.


  1. Can you show the PC tool a bit better - or tell me the name of it? It looks pretty good - I've never considered canned tomatoes for a salsa, a friend of mine attempted it once and it was pathetic and horrible... but all she did was add dry seasoning... Thanks Sarah!

  2. oops! I see the link now fo rthe tool - you're so on top of things!


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