Friday, April 30, 2010

WW Meeting - Levels of Change

Thought I would try something new and post a video blog. Faster and easier than writing a post.

Here is the graphic about the levels of change that we talked about at the WW meeting this week. Tough stuff.


  1. I wish I could VLOG a comment! lol Actually I am a BAD TYPER- so I love the VLOG route!

    ok so I actually started to cry at my last meeting over this topic. I held back my sobs but I struggle with the inner circle- IDENTITY. I fight with myself constantly over who I am...or more so who I have become. I've never seen this person before. lol Weird, but I have never seen myself at this weight. I still feel LARGE. I go to buy clothes and instead of a 22 the tag says 10 but I pull the pants up and see my flaws, as if I am back at 232lbs. I keep waiting for the girl in the mirror to change. I keep thinking 10 more pounds. What scares me is I picked a goal weight that is only about 16 more pounds from where I am at now, and I don't know if I will be satisfied with that. Will I ever be? I wrote a book to ya! lol I guess I am tellin ya that you are NOT alone. I am struggling with this journey everys tep of the way- from food, to past bingeing, to identity. We all gotta lean on each other! :) Thanks for the great VLOG post! :)

  2. Yeah I had to go to two meetings -- nay, I CHOSE to go to two meetings because I needed to hear this again. I cried during both meetings too. We could go together and be blubber buddies -- not blubber as in fat, but blubbering as in boohooing together.

  3. I came back to see if anyone else commented- cuz I liked this post so much! Yeah I should have gone to another meeting! I am struggling with my leader! She talks more about herself and skips over the topics too much. :(

    I will bring the tissues if we go together! lol :)

  4. TJ I really don't have that many readers. I don't comment that much on other people's blogs (more of a lurker, though there are several I like), so I think that is part of it. That is ok -- I do this mostly as a place to document where I am, although I love the comments and support from others. And thanks for checking back and reading. I am glad you liked the post.

  5. Love the vlog format. Hope you do more in the future. This is a good topic for me to do some thinking about. I've relocated (just this weekend!) to Boise for a new job, so it seems like a good time to take advantage of all sorts of new beginnings in my life.

  6. Yes. regarding self-image I feel completely in the same boat! That one really is hard to change, and I am having a terrible time dealing with it.

  7. Katherine - glad you like the format. Probably will do it again, but I need to get time again to blog!

    DJR - I know what you mean.


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