Saturday, April 3, 2010

Upcoming Fativersary Goal

This morning I had the lowest weight I have seen so far on this journey. I think it was 240.8 (although I don't remember exactly). I feel like I have my WL mojo back. I have been counting points again (I took a few week hiatus from it), and the scale is really moving.

My 1 year fativersary is coming up soon. On April 21, 2009 I said "Enough" and decided to join Weight Watchers and get serious about getting healthy. Although I am by no means "there" yet (wherever "there" even is), I am SIGNIFICANTLY closer to there than I was last year.

I want to set an aggressive but achievable goal for my fativersary. I hate to make weight goals on a timeline, so I am hesitant to do that. Does anyone have any other types of goals that I could set for the next 18 days? I welcome your suggestions (as well as what types of healthy celebrations would be appropriate on my fativersary)!!


  1. Hi! You've got the goal to ride 1000 miles by the end of the summer, right? (I've been following you on fb and your blog.) Maybe a sub-goal of that? X number of miles in the next Y days, or increase mileage by X miles every day. Or, a goal like our gym had recently...we had to do so many activities in 2 weeks. A lot of them were new classes. (That's how I tried body combat the first time.) Or, maybe find an event you'd like to do (like a 5k) and sign up for it, if that's your thing. (I like events for the free stuff and motivation to prepare for it. Plus, if I pay the money, I have to do it.) Good job, by the way, on all your hard work! That's awesome! -Alisha

  2. Great idea Alisha. I will have to crunch the numbers, but I think that doing 75 miles in the next 18 days is a good goal -- especially since it is so pretty here today!

  3. hey check out my blog..i like yours...

  4. What about your perfect 10 that you started at New Years... maybe do that for the ext couple weeks? I like the biking/miles thing too. Let us know! -Amy

  5. I was thinking along the same lines as everyone else with the distance sort of goals. Kind of make it your own fitness test sort of thing. You know when you were in elementary school and tried to see how many sit ups, push ups, pull ups, whatever in a set time and then improve on that. Also I know you love swimming so of course it could apply there (lap times, etc).

    As for a healthy celebration, I think you should maybe plan a trip to a show to reward yourself, or a weekend trip somewhere to visit someplace nice and go for a hike or what not. Places that you've been putting off b/c of time or whatever, something special. My personal favorite reward is always a spa treatment to reward and rid yourself of some of that stress!

    You're doing great girl, keep it up!


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