Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting my Hike On

This weekend I went hiking at Devil's Den. It was nice. The leaves are starting to turn and they are pretty. However, they will reach their peak in a week or two and will be even more gorgeous then. One of the things I like about being in shape is that I can go hike and do stuff without really thinking about it. It's not like I need to worry (as much) about whether I'll be physically able to. I don't need to be self-conscious about being around other people (If I go on the hike, will I get winded? Will I be the slowest one? Will they have to wait for me? Will I even be able to finish?). For the most part, these things are non-issues. Even if I were the slowest one, for example, people are generally nice about it and very understanding. I am so glad that I feel like I can belong again.

Me on Yellow Rock.

Here is a picture of the gorgeous fall leaves.

It was so pretty. I love Arkansas. It is really a gorgeous state.

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