Sunday, October 11, 2009


It feels so nice to get complements when you are convinced they are genuine. A couple of my friends who haven't seen me in awhile said that I was looking really great. It is always nice when people notice you are actually losing weight. I can tell that I am in some ways -- for example, I am down 3 sizes and airplane seatbelts fit a lot better. However, I see myself in the mirror every day so changes are gradual and sometimes they pass me by entirely. It feels so nice to get complements, but I can understand they are awkward to give sometimes because they are subject to misinterpretation. (e.g., "You are looking so much better than before!") As someone who sticks her foot in her mouth way more often than I'd like, I get that.

I'd say my primary motivation for getting in shape is for health reasons, but of course I love that there are aesthetic benefits as well.

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