Sunday, October 11, 2009

San Diego Food report

I obviously eat out a lot when I travel. In the spirit of honesty, I have kind of let go on this trip. I really am not getting enough vegetables here and am not making much of an effort to eat healthily. I am bummed out not to be exercising as I normally would either. Oh well, I will get back on the exercise wagon when I get home. I will be curious what the damage is from the trip. Hopefully no worse than a couple pounds.

Ironically, I was at my lowest weight at INFORMS in San Francisco (2005) -- 229.5. I remember being so worried about my weight the whole time I was there -- feeling guilty about every poor food choice. It really occupied my mind, but I ended up not gaining (or losing) any weight at the conference. I think it is all the walking around you do that negates the fatty (but delicious) reception food. Also, it could have been that my metabolism then was higher at 26 than it is now. I am sure that didn't hurt matters....

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