Sunday, December 12, 2010

Unmet Expectations

I have told you that I am so very close to being at my lowest weight as an adult, ever - 229.4. I was hoping that I would reach that weight by this week.

Today is my weigh in day. I did not meet that goal. I did weigh in at 230.0, 0.6 lbs above my goal.

Initially I felt sad. I was a little angry at myself even. Then I re-evaluated.
  • I haven't been losing weight consistently since May. The last two weeks are the first two consecutive, significant weight losses I've had in nearly six months. I've finally broken outside the 235 plus or minus a couple pound window.
  • I lost 3.6 lbs this week. That is 1/2 lb/day. Not insignificant. And for a second week in a row!
  • My back still hurts so I can't exercise as much or as intensely as I would like. Less intense exercise = fewer activity points = slower weight loss. And a potential minefield for emotional eating.
  • I had FOUR Christmas parties this week. I still lost almost a pound for every one. I mean, really?! That is freaking incredible.
I realized that there is nothing to be upset about with my loss this week and, even more importantly, that this week was a huge success and is worth celebrating. This underscores for me that I do not like and cannot for my own psyche handle the "I want to lose ____ pounds by ____ time frame!" I can control what I eat and how much I exercise, but when I lose the weight is up to my body. However, if I do the right things (eat healthily and enjoy treats in moderation, and exercise), the results I want WILL follow -- even if it's not necessarily in the time frame that I want it to happen.

I need to focus on the positive and stay the course. I mean, I am only 31 and I have a lifetime of healthy living to do. If I miss my goal by a week, it is ok. I will get it next week. As long as I am making wise choices, the weight will take care of itself in time.


  1. 3.6 is an AMAZING LOSS! AND it puts you one step closer to that all time low! You go girl! :) High 5! :)

  2. What a great perspective you have and one of the things I've noticed about your writing is the fact that you do this your way, in your body's time without the shuffling back and forth between the newest "trick" that seems to permeate BlogLand every week or so. Your consistency in sticking with "your" plan is what, I believe, will get you to your goal and even more importantly, KEEP you at your goal.

  3. Well, it's another reason to stay on track this week!!! (but I see you posted on FB that you've already gotten there - so good job!!!!)


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