Friday, December 10, 2010

Non-Scale Victory!!!

Notice anything special about what I'm wearing in this picture? No?

Well, there is something very special about these clothes. They aren't plus size. They're 18, not 18Ws! Earlier this month I ordered for the first time in ages -- probably since 2000, literally 10 years -- a bunch of clothes that weren't plus sized. There have been a few times I have bought something on sale that I thought would fit later that wasn't plus sized, or times I've made mistakes and gotten the wrong size (unintentionally) that were not plus sized. However, this order was completely intentional. And, I was a little surprised but 100% delighted when my new goodies all fit!

A new chapter in this WL journey. Now when I get to size 14, it will be like a whole new world because I will be able to shop in almost any store. Goodbye Lane Bryant!! It's been real.


  1. just spent a bit of time reading some of your posts....number one, the first time I got into a pair of jeans with a one in the front...heaven.
    Sooo cool. I am so happy for you. YOu have made awesome progress and look great.
    Number about you crying when talking about your journey. When you decide to become a whole new's hard and emotional. It takes a lot of courage and momentum...I do it all the time. It's perfectly normal.

  2. Good riddance to Lane Bryant! No more choosing between skank-style and grandma-style! Boo yah!


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