Friday, August 13, 2010

Food lessons

I have not tracked anything this week, but deserve credit for not having any binges and for paying more attention to my hunger signal. I have also learned a lot of food-related lessons this week too. First of all, soup and salad will not fill me up unless there is a lot on the salad (i.e., lettuce and dressing - no go; something with beans and/or cheese and/or egg and/or avocado would be more substantial). I went out to lunch with people from lunch Monday and after the disasterous food escapades of Sunday decided to go with just salad and soup. No kidding, I was already hungry by the time I got back to work. All afternoon I was hungry hungry and no amount of anything from the vending machine was filling me up! Lesson learned - get something substantial for lunch to prevent a downward snacking spiral. Lesson #2 was that I really need to keep good snacks at the office. I have almonds but should keep apples there too. That way, when I get hungry I will have snacks that I know I like and are actually healthy for me rather than going to junk like Pop Tarts or Doritos from the vending machine.

I might also return to packing lunches. Although I love to go out to lunch with coworkers for the social benefit of it, I am hating more and more not knowing what is in my food. Were these veggies cooked in butter or oil? How much? etc... I need to mull this over some more. I would love to find a way to achieve a healthy balance on this.


  1. I am so with you on the soup/salad thing. Unless it's cream soup or chowder, which defeats the whole "light lunch" concept ;-)

    Maybe pack lunches regularly, and ration your going out to lunch? Once a week, and plan to have a light, healthy dinner that night?

  2. I got a small fridge for my office and that helps with the fruits so that I don't have to pack them everyday.


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