Monday, June 27, 2011

Loose Clothes

As I've told you before, I've been mainintaining my weight for about a year or so. Recently, I think I've broken that streak and I've started to see the scale trending downward again. Overall, this is a great development.

However, there is something I'd forgotten about losing weight since I hadn't been doing it so long: I forgot that when you lose weight, your clothes don't fit anymore.

At first that was a good thing. I'd been about 230 one other time in grad school -- and from that time, I had some clothes that I really liked. There were a couple of pairs of jeans in particular that I couldn't wait to get back into. Having worn them for a little over a year now, I don't give them too much thought anymore. That's probably because I've been at this weight before, and I've been at 235 +/- 5 lbs for about a year now, allowing me to accumulate a normal wardrobe. Actually, I don't give the idea of clothes overall much thought.

Until Saturday. Here's a picture from Saturday in one of the pink polos I've worn for a year or so (and I love this shirt -- it reminds me of Legally Blonde). As I put it on I thought "Why is this too loose?!?!" In just a second I went from confusion to elation to "Oh crap, this means I will have to buy new clothes again."

I'm now moving into uncharted territory. I haven't been this size or smaller since high school through sophomore year of college. I didn't save any jeans or other clothes from that era, which is probably ok since I am unlikely to be wearing carpenter jeans or tapered leg jeans anyway -- but what that means is that very soon I will have no clothes to wear! I forgot about that part of weight loss. It's not that I mind buying new clothes -- part of me thinks it's fun actually. But I really don't mind it presuming you'll be able to wear them for several months, not that they'll just be transient as you pass through on your way to something smaller.

Overall, it's a good problem to have. I need to focus on that rather than annoyance. On the bright side, I'm currently in an 18 (normal, not W) or sometimes a 16W. The good news is that that means I'm not restricted to stores like Lane Bryant or plus sized sections of department stores. This means both more selection and BETTER PRICES! In addition, these sizes are more likely to be available at consignment shops and thrift stores -- which is great.


  1. I love how happy your face is here. (And I think your face is slimming down, too.) Congratulations, and happy shopping!

  2. you look so happy :)

    consignment shops and cheap tee shirts at old navy rock!!!

  3. You and I have been Blog Friends for a year now and I can't believe the difference in you, both in shape and in your mental outlook. You may say you've been maintaining for a year, but I can most definitely see a change in your shape. I'm not surprised that your clothes aren't fitting. And I just love the enthusiasm I feel in your posts. Keep it up, friend!!

  4. You're face is definitly skinnier! Look at that chin!!! Anyway- my initial thought(and I hope coming from my personal viewpoint you can appreciate the comment...) but only an engineer would be unhappy with success! (Mike gets dissapointed bowling if he didn't get a strike the *right* way...pu-lee-se!)

    Congrats on moving past the plateau!!!


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