Monday, January 17, 2011

Disappointing Weigh In

This was the first week I can remember thinking "Man, this weigh in is crap!" about a weigh in in light of my performance. There have been plenty of weeks where I haven't lost or have gained, but I usually think they're justified in light of what I've eaten or how much I have exercised. This week, I don't feel like that. I tracked everything. I exercised 4 times this week (fewer than usual, but still not bad). And, I gained 1.8 lbs this week.

Although I am miffed (and confused), I press on. Not sure what is going on with my body, but this is exactly why I don't do time-based weight goals. I can only control my behavior, not the scale so I will continue to focus on what's in my control and hope that my body follows.

Perhaps this is related to the "free" fruit, which I eat liberally. Anyone know whether there are really functional limits to how many of those one should eat?

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  1. So sorry, Sarah! I'll not patronize you with remarks about next week or water retention or whatever. I'll just "sit" with you in the moment and say I totally understand how frustrating it can be and no matter how much we try to convince ourselves the scale doesn't matter, in reality, it does and always will.

    Hang in there. You look great and overall, are progressing steadily!


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