Sunday, January 9, 2011

Retro WW Experiment

I have written before about how much I loved my grandma (who I called Mema). She too struggled with her weight, and spent much of her life on WW.

Recently I have discovered a very cool gross cool blog where a girl is living the original circa 1972 WW plan. Some Most of the stuff that she cooks and was part of the original sounds absolutely disgusting, but it is amazing to see where the plan started. I could have never stuck to that plan!!!

However, I have accepted the challenge to make one of the original WW recipes. I will do so in honor of Mema, who I loved very much and miss. I just hope that this recipe does not contain liver (a staple on the original WW). While I've read about the nutritional benefits of liver, I just can't understand how an organ made to filter waste from the body can be good for you. I'll get my protein from other sources like shrimp and cottage cheese, thanks...


  1. ...although shrimp is a filter, too. Not in the same way, but a filter.

  2. That is a good point. DId not put the two together.


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