Monday, November 29, 2010

Vote please/help

Holiday dinner for work is upon us...which of these do you think is the healthiest? All look tasty. Also do you think it is too gauche to special order dressings/sauces on the sides?

1) Chicken Marsala - Pan-Seared Chicken Breast Served with a Parmesan Risotto Cake, Steamed Asparagus and Marsala Sauce

2) Roasted Pork Loin - Served with Puree of Potatoes and Wild Mushroom Sauce

3) Lasagna Alla Bolognese - Chef’s Signature Bolognese, Bechamelle, Tomato, Fresh Basil, and Mozzarella

Please let me know your thoughts on

a) entree choice

b) tackiness of asking for sauces on the side...

Thank you! More substantial posts coming when I have time. Maybe midweek...


  1. the chicken sounds like the best choice and if you want the sauce on the side...ask for it or scrape it off :)

    I do not like raw onions that much and often pick them out of salads even at friends homes.

  2. I'm kinda thinking the roast pork has the best potential for healthiness, though none sounds great on that front. (All tasty, though!) Chicken Marsala often involves cream, and the bechamelle is not likely made with skim milk. I'd expect some sort of tasty fat in the puree of potatoes, and maybe butter in the wild mushroom sauce . . .

    And no, I think you'd be fine to request sauces on the side. It'd likely be far from the most annoying special request they get ;-)

  3. Not sure on the entree choice as they all sound delicious.. I'd guess either of the first 2 would be more healthy.

    I think asking for sauce on the side is totally normal. I always ask for my salad dressing on the side, and when I am not sure if I'll like a sauce, I ask for it on the side. People will ask for sauce on the side or without for many reasons (personal preference, allergies, etc). It is not crazy.

    Example: I order sweet and sour chicken with sauce on the side b/c I don't like my chicken pieces to get all soggy so I'd rather dip them than have them smothered. Also, I end up using a lot less sauce/dressing with them on the side. I think ordering something like a burger minus bun is worse. Without sauce is totally normal!

  4. I'd go with the chicken. "Steamed" is always a good option and marsala sauce can be scraped off.

    The pork would be good, but I bet all of the things in that option including th pork would have some form of sugar in them.

    Have absolutely no qualms at all with asking for things on the side. Nothing gauche about it at all!

    Let us know what you decide!

  5. I'd say the pork. The only thing healthy sounding about the chicken is the veggie. The pork has the most potential, at least there's no cheese(which can always get out of hand) and especially if you ask for the sauce on the side - you'll be good to go!!!


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